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On the Move

Posted on March 01, 2011
The American Red Cross Emergency Response Vehicle has only been in Hays a couple of months and already it has been on the move several times.
The Emergency Response Vehicle (ERV) responded to a fire at Centennial Towers on January 13 and helped 15 residents find alternative housing until they could return to their residence. It also responded to a house fire on February 2 and assisted the Rural Fire Department with it's canteen services.
The ERV has the capability to carry food and water supplies to help during a disaster. They also provide a warm or cool environment for victims during a disaster. It is based locally, but could be called out during the case of a national disaster. It is manned by volunteers. If you would like to become a volunteer, call the Red Cross office at 785-625-2617.
The Red Cross functions in other ways during emergencies. When a Greyhound bus was stranded on I-70 during bitter cold temperatures, the Red Cross staff and volunteers kept the passengers fed and entertained in the Red Cross office until a new bus arrived to carry them to their destination.
Red Cross also sponsors the Summer Fan Distribution Program, designed to give low income families a means to keep cool on hot summer days. CPR and First Aid training are services also provided to local residents.
The American Red Cross Emergency Response Vehicle usually sits quietly in it's new storage garage observing passing traffic on Vine Street . But when disaster strikes, you'll find it on the move to help those in need.