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A Local Treasure

The Cancer Council of Ellis County is celebrating 25 years of service in Ellis County. Won't you help them be around for another 25 years or until a cure is found. We are lucky that we have a treasure so few other counties in Kansas have. We have a resource for medical equipment, sunscreen dispensers, nutritional supplements and financial aid for cancer patients.

The Cancer Council of Ellis County would like to pack their treasure chest with Miles of Quarters in celebration of their 25th Anniversary. Send your donation by July 8th to 114 West 7th, Hays Kansas to be eligible for prizes being drawn on July 10th. Donations after July 8 will be accepted, but not eligible for the drawing.
The public is invited to celebrate with the Cancer Council of Ellis County on July 10th at the Fanchon Ballroom. The Annual meeting is at 2 pm, 25th Celebration Presentation at 2:30 pm and drawing for Miles of Quarters prizes at 3:00 pm. They hope to see you there to celebrate the treasure we have in Ellis County.