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Message from our Campaign Chair

Dear Ellis County Friends,

My name is Scott Boomer. What a privilege it is to serve as your 2018 United Way of Ellis County Campaign Chair. I humbly ask for your participation in this year’s campaign to help us continuously provide important opportunities to those who might need them.

In 1953, the United Way was started to raise funds for other agencies as they did not have the manpower to do so themselves.  Instead, agency staff were able to provide the direct services that were needed while still having the funds to do so and 65 years later this still holds true today.  The United Way partners with people like you, the businesses you're a part of, and the organizations you belong to, so together we can develop programs that help us all have a better life.

Over the years, this community has supported me and my family in so many different ways.  Being a part of this community means you have the opportunity to develop many friendships.  It also gives you numerous ways to make wonderful memories with your family and friends.  That is why I believe the United Way of Ellis County's annual campaign is so very important, because 100% of the funds collected will go directly to programs and services that let those who need them, know someone does have their back.

Without you, me, and the many individuals that give what they can when they can, the United Way would not be such a positive force throughout our community.  With a grateful heart I would like to say "Thank You" for the part each of you play in supporting, touching and changing so many lives. I look forward to us working together to make this year’s campaign the best ever! 

"Help thy brother's boat across and lo! Thine own has reached the shore." -Hindu proverb.


Bless you all,