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Message from our Campaign Chair

Ellis County has a story. It’s a history going back 150 years and it carries a past right along with the present in a really powerful way. The values that we’ve always held here, they still work, they’re still who we are. The people that lived here over these many years cared about their neighbors.  They were determined, hardworking, good-hearted, and willing to lend a hand to one another. They cared about the same things that we all seem to care about today; bringing up our kids to be responsible and productive citizens, respecting our elders, and helping each other out. I do believe the people in Ellis County still have that same spirit within them. A spirit of goodness that is urging us on to do great things.  Today, we are the people who think the impossible can be done whatever it may be, especially when we come together as a team and not try to do it alone.
That’s why I love that the United Way is here in my community, because for many years it helped me do the things I cared most about-helping children succeed.  There are so many valuable organizations in our community that are able to do great things because of the United Way, and the work we all do together is immense. Most importantly, United Way listens to the community and then partners with businesses, individuals and organizations to develop programs that help where the need is the greatest.
Because of the United Way’s partnership, people get help during times of crisis. Those we help are able to receive nutritious food, temporary assistance, counseling, a helping hand, a listening ear, and most importantly, the tools to help tackle the challenges that occur in life. The United Way is more than fundraisers –they are the hand-raisers—the game-changers, the difference makers. Year after year, decade after decade, the United Way has been teaming with the builders who set a strong foundation, the caregivers to those that need it the most, and the teachers who inspire with words and actions. 
The United Way has worked all these many years because it’s just us doing what we’ve always done– improving lives.  It does more than impact my community, it impacts me and it impacts you.  Our values, or ways of thinking, aren’t new.  It’s in our blood, it’s who we’ve always been, working together, helping each other and I think that’s pretty amazing.